Doomsday Preppers for Y2k

The Y2K Mayhem and Doomsday Preppers

Doomsday y2k preppers hoarding waterWhile the Y2K bug was a computer glitch that the IT professionals worked hard on averting, there were many who prophesied it to be the ‘End of the World’.  So, while many got eagerly ready to party and welcome the New Year, there were those who believed the prophecies and waited with fear for the arrival of the doomsday.

Those who believed in the predictions of doomsday reacted with varying degrees of fear and stupidity to an extent. Some of them merely filled up on a few gallons of water, and bought some canned food and flashlight batteries. On a more serious note, some followed the advice of his or her favourite “Prophet of Doom” and shopped heavily in preparations for the Y2K.

These guys spent their hard earned money in stocking up supplies of warm clothing, toiletries, medicines, ammunition, gold, silver, precious stones, canned food, shoes, wood, hay and what not all. They could have probably brought Wal-Mart to shame with the amount of their supplies.

There were others who went completely berserk and turned their attic, garages, basements and bunkers into what they thought was safe haven, stocked it up and moved into them to guard themselves from all the evil things (zombies most likely), thugs, gnomes, ghosts, etc. that they presumed would magically pop up at the stroke of the midnight.

The more educated non-IT ones half understood the technicalities of theY2K bugand the computer glitches. Considering their dependence on the computers for all day to day activities, they expected serious repercussions due to computer failures. They doubted mostly about the smooth functioning of the banks, power grids, airports, traffic signals, etc. Many of them rushed to the nearest ATM’s and withdrew all or most of their cash to be on the safer side. And a few spent most of it either preparing for the apocalypse or celebrating their last few days on earth.

And on the 1st of January 2000, they realised how foolish they were to have done all this hard work for no real threat. There were still a few left who expected things to go wrong in the following hours and days. And it was not all their fault to hold such beliefs. After all, these people were continuously bombarded with statistical reports from their reliable sources about ‘the end of the world, apocalypse, doomsday, etc’. Especially the various media sources, who kept reminding the viewers/readers about the impending doom from time to time.

For these people, the arrival of y2k, and the days that followed must have felt like a new start of life, a life spared to live all over again.