Make Money with YouTube Videos

How To Make a Living Uploading Videos to Youtube

youtubeThere are a lot of different ways to use Youtube to make money, I will be going over just a couple ways here that will help you earn. Ever since Youtube was created there have been great ways to use it to make money. It can be used as a free advertising tool for your business or website, or even as an instant moneymaker using pay per click advertising with Google Adsense For Video. The first method we we talk about is making a Youtube channel in a niche, and growing your followers.

Deciding On a Niche

Just like with any other internet marketing, you will need to decide on a niche that you determine to be unsaturated. The only reason you should go after a niche that is already totally saturated is if you have an extreme passion for the subject. With your passion will come followers, because they can tell how much you enjoy the subject.

We will start searching for a niche that will be easy to rank your videos for and will not have hundreds of other Youtube channels and videos dedicated to it. As with every niche selection you should start by using Google adwords keyword tool. To use this tool you will have to sign up for an advertiser account with Google adwords. This is the program that advertisers use to find keywords that they want to target in their ad campaigns. It can be used to buy advertising for your Youtube videos, websites or whatever else you want to promote online. It doesn’t cost anything to sign up, and you might want to use it in the future anyway.

After typing into the keyword research tool “Make videos with DSLR cameras” there is approximately 100,000 searches relating to this niche. Clicking on the keyword ideas tab highlighted in the picture below and we will find that there are tons of high search results relating to the DSLR camera.  (See image 2)
Make videos with a dslr camera, click the keyword tab

Looking at the results below we basically have a list of results that we can make our videos about. The exact search we made of with DSLR doesn’t get searched, however [The best DSLR camera for video] does get searched almost 600 times per month. That isn’t a ton, but if you were to make a high quality video about that subject with that query in the title of your video you would have a high probability of making it to the front page of google and youtube searches. Looking at that exact Google search, shows us that only one video is on the front page for that search, and it is not worded in that exact way, so you could take over the front page of Google for that search query with little effort. So if you go down the list, do proper research on many different keyword strings, you can find several video ideas in a very short period of time.

You want to make sure that each video you make has not only the exact wording of the heavily searched query, but you should also try to incorporate that exact query into the description of your video.

image 2 youtube videos copy

Cost Per Click

Looking at the image above, we can determine that the average advertising cost for these searches is 2-3$ per click. This is the cost for the advertiser, not how much you will actually get per click on your ads during your video. You can safely expect to get around 50% of this in profit per click on one of your ads. So around $1.00 per click would be a great average! However I would not expect to get more than an average of .30 to $1.00 per each click. Youtube ads don’t seem to pay as much as the same ads would pay on a website. They are the same ads, but the advertiser pays less and I believe Google keeps a higher percentage of the money for videos.

Making a Youtube Channel

Think of your channel as your own personal website. You should try to keep all of your videos relevant to the same basic subject. As your high quality videos begin to get peoples attention, they will start to follow your channel. If they are following your channel, it is because they expect similar videos about the same subject. They don’t want to see a hunting video sent to them in an email, if your channel is about cameras and photography. Mixing in irrelevant videos can actually cause people to stop following your channel. You need these followers! Every time you make a new video, they are notified and are the first to watch. So if you have a loyal batch of followers they will begin sending and sharing your video quickly. We want our videos to get off to a good start. One major benefit of a Youtube channel over a website is how quickly your videos show up and begin ranking in Google. You could make a very nice post on a new website, and without some major social sharing and backlinks hitting it, you might never make it within the first 5 pages of search results. With a Youtube video you could be on page one of Google in a matter of hours!

Concentrate on High Quality Videos

You might get tempted to make a ton of videos of mediocre quality, however it is best to concentrate on making less amounts of high quality videos. People don’t mind watching slideshows and powerpoint presentations on video as long as you give them good information. If you know your subject, you should be able to make a great powerpoint video in under an hour that will answer the questions of the video watcher. I find they care less about fancy intros and great effects, and more about enlightening content. So don’t just slap some junk together simply to increase your video count, because it could cost you. Youtube really does care if you have a high amount of thumbs down ratings on your video. You will notice quickly, that a video with a high rate of bad rankings will never get views. I have a Youtube channel that has always had great content, but one time I made a silly video that rubbed some people the wrong way. So no matter how great all of my following videos were, it really didn’t matter. I had people that would instantly give my videos thumbs down every time I posted one, no matter how good they were. That channel was ruined by just a few people, because I could never really get a video to take off with the negative ratings.

How to Bring Your Videos to the Top of Searches

Once you have a finished video successfully uploaded to your account, you are well on your way; but there is still work to be done! You should already have in place a list of social media accounts where you can share your videos. Google loves videos that get shared and lots of thumbs up ratings. Typically when I have uploaded a video, I will start out posting it in the sidebar of one of my relevant websites, and several other places. You don’t need a website, but if you have one you should share it there. Here is a list of places to promote your video:

  • Personal website
  • Twitter
  • Stumbleupon
  • Facebook
  • Linkedin
  • Reddit
  • Google+
  • Any other social media outlets you can think of

You should try to encourage your friends and family to thumbs up your video and leave comments on it as well. I have seen really great videos slip through the cracks because people never comment or leave a thumbs up. Usually great content will always make its way eventually to its proper place at the top of the search results, but it can take some time. By starting out your video with a lot of shares and thumbs up it will really start rolling fast! I cannot tell you how important it is to get comments and ratings started on your video ASAP.

Realistic Expectations

Don’t expect to get rich overnight. As with any method that is worth starting, you will need to stick with it to grow your channel and view count. I know of plenty of people who upload videos as their sole source of income. If you only have a limited amount of time each day to spend on your channels, then that is the amount of time you should spend. You cannot expect huge results if you don’t put any time and effort into making this work. You can realistically expect to start off quite slow. If you choose the right niche and show passion and pride in your work you could make multiple dollars per day off each video uploaded. When you get a large high quality video selection on your channel, you can easily make hundreds of dollars per day. This is not a hard way to make a living. Start off in your free time and grow slowly.  When you reach a point where your videos are paying more than your 9-5 job, you will know its time to go full bore. Quit your job and work for yourself making easy money from home doing what you love.