Method to Make Money Using Affiliate Links

Advertising Your Affiliate Pages To Make Easy Money Online

This method has potential to become a massive stream of income overnight. You will only need a few things to start your journey into this solid gold method. Affiliate advertising will often pay very high commission rates and will outperform every other method in terms of profit if you are good at it. I will now share with you a nearly foolproof method to make unlimited amounts of cash online. You will need a few things to get started so lets go through them now:

  • A Facebook, Bing ads, or Google Adsense account
  •  You will have to be set up with an affiliate company (, Amazon etc.)
  • You need a landing page to place your ads, such as a free page or a website.
  • A small amount of advertising capital (as little as $20)

Step 1) Finding a Product to Promote

This is a very important step that will require some research on your part. You will need to find a great product that people want to buy, and they will commit quickly with a small amount of convincing from you. That convincing will come from your sales page on your website or blog, but for now we just need to find that perfect item.

You can market on your sales page: 

  • Ebooks from Amazon or
  • Any hot new items that people are looking for (think Google trends)
  • Dating offers (you will often get up to $10.00 just for someone signing up for a dating site through your link)
  • A product that fixes a problem for the customer ( natural heartburn remedies?)

Creating a Blog Or Website

Before we get into marketing products you should decide where you are going to put your affiliate ads and articles. As mentioned, will give you a free blog to put your landing pages and advertisements on. These are very easy to setup up with no hassle. You should be able to have a functional blog in a matter of a few minutes. Now lets explore other options.

There is a great tactic you can use to split one .99 domain name into endless amounts of individual websites. This might be the best route to take for this method, because you will have a lot more control. By using sub domains you can add the keywords into your domain and use your shared hosting account to crank out an affiliate superpower!

If I were to buy the domain I could then create the sub domain: or even more specifically Sure it’s not the prettiest domain name in the world, but you would own it! It can never be taken down except by you. It also has the valuable keywords in the name of the url, so that will help it to show up better in organic search results for the specific query [natural heartburn remedies]. By using the previously mentioned sub domain you could use this to review multiple ebooks to build your ranking power, and in turn really help your search engine results for multiple search queries.

How to Promote Ebooks Online

clickbank search

The best way to go about ebook sales is to find one you have used, or one you will like. You should buy the book so you know if it is really good content inside. The next step is to do a review of that ebook on your blog or website. Assuming you enjoyed the book you should outline how the book helped you and why it is well worth the money. Don’t go too deep into details of the book, because you need suspense and a reason for the customer to go buy that book. With a well written review, you can easily convince the reader that the book you are talking about is well worth the money. Some of the ebooks will pay you very, very well for a book sale!

The results from our search brought very few results, but there is one book that will pay almost $5.00 for a Clickbank search resultssale. You will receive 59% of the price of the sale! Personally I would continue looking for a niche product and find one that is more popular online. You should also research using Google adwords keyword tool, this will help you find popular search queries. By looking for a highly searched problem you will be finding a top seller that will likely have a high conversion rate. You should also pay close attention to the types of websites in that Google search result. If the top sites are very large, you will likely never outrank them with your blog post.  If the search query is highly searched and doesn’t look hard to penetrate you might have a winner!

Marketing Tactics

Lets say we have just came up with a brilliant product to promote that the whole world is searching for. We will use the example of a specific video game. A lot of times the release of certain video games can bring a huge amount of buzz and can really make your internet marketing job a walk in the park.

We’ll use [Call of Duty Ghosts] (Came out in Nov 2013) this is a popular game that generates massive searches and hoopla. Now that we have decided on a product, we will need to make a sales page and promote it. We will pretend that this game hasn’t came out yet, and it isn’t due to come out for over 1 month. You might wonder how you are going to promote and sell a video game that hasn’t hit the market yet, Pre-orders baby! We can sell the pre-orders from gamestop ( affiliate) and They both would sell this in advance of its release. The reason the pre orders can be so effective is that people don’t really know if there are going to be enough games to go around. Many times they will have production problems and there aren’t enough games for all the fans. So by emphasising doubt that there might not be enough games for them to buy if they wait, you will be almost forcing them into a snap decision to click on your link and buy ASAP. :)

We’ll make our sub domain for this Let’s assume our example Tracy really loves video games and will probably make a habit out of promoting and blogging about them. That means that by making “” would be a waste, because every time a new game came out she would need to make a whole new site.

Making a Sales Page

You will want to include some great pictures and content on your page. Even though the goal of this page is to sell a product, you want it to look good to Google. So write up a nice little opinion on what you expect from the game and why it is going to be so freiking awesome! The video game has not been released yet, so it can be surprisingly easy to get a lot of natural visitors from Google if your page is loaded with well written content.

  • Be sure to include a paragraph about a possibility of a supply problem (it really does happen).
  • Link Units (text like click here to pre order) and picture  links.
  • Bulleted lists  about what to expect. (build anticipation)
  • Make it pretty: Nobody will click and buy if your site looks shabby. They won’t place any trust in a bad looking site.

 How to Make a Perfect Facebook Ad

For this example we are going to promote using Facebook, because they allow you to target high probability leads easily for this and almost any other niche. Lets get started:

Uploading a Great Picture

Probably the most important part of making your Facebook ad is your images that your potential leads will see. The more people Uploading images on facebook adswho click on your ad, the less you will pay. So you really want to find the perfect image! The key point in this category is your ability to upload several images at one time. They will run your ad using all of the images and the one the user clicks the most will be the image facebook will run the most. You will be able to monitor this in your ad area and adjust pictures. If you find an image that is getting clicks and converting customers you will want to stick with it while you try out other images. The key to this is finding the perfect one that will bring you leads. A bland picture will surely result in an expensive advertising campaign, so make them snap! A picture of a video game in our case wouldn’t be best, we would want a screenshot of the game or something that will attract that persons attention. They have already been seeing ads all over with the usual picture of the game, so get their attention!

Now Lets Find Our Perfect Customers!

Ad selections while making your facebook advertisementsYou will notice in the image that I chose to show my ads to:

  • People 18-50: Any younger and they will likely not have any money to make a purchase. Plus they will be highly likely to click the ad out of curiosity (costing you money).
  • I chose only males: The probability of a female clicking and buying through my link is a lot less than a male. So i want to target only the most likely converting gender.
  • Interested in Woman: I find it unlikely that a gay male would click this ad and make a purchase, so I opted for men who are only interested in women. ( I have no idea if I would be right in that assumption)
  • Relationship Status: I don’t have any reason to believe sales could be affected by any particular choices here. Perhaps single men would play more video games than a married or engaged male. (This could easily be tested in future ads).
  • I also chose English (US) as the preferred language: (I have found that concentrating on other less saturated countries can yield great results however at times).

Facebook ads targeting interests


As you can see, choosing the interests is where the magic really happens! You can choose to target people who you know for a fact like this video game. This is where Facebook ads stand apart from most advertising options. With precise choices in this section we are looking towards a potentially very successful advertising campaign.

The Final Ad Choices

Final Choices in your facebook adThese last selections can be tampered with to figure out what works best for your particular campaign. You can choose to spend as little or as much as possible starting out. It is a good idea to start slow and figure out the best ways to tweak your ads to increase conversion. The only thing left at this point is waiting for sales and adjusting your ads for optimal efficiency.

Explore Your Options

The best way to come up with a major moneymaking affiliate marketing campaign is through trial and error. You will never know for sure how well a particular product will work until you try, but once you find a winner it really feels good. It has potential to lead to unlimited amounts of income in a very short period of time. The examples of successful affiliate marketing shown above, are just a couple options. The possibilities are endless here. With minor changes to this method it can be used endlessly in any niche or category. Once you learn the basics of several systems all shown here, you can turn into a marketing mogul in no time flat.