Preparing for Potential y2k Disasters (Disaster preparedness)

Disaster preparedness for y2k Disasters

Y2k type damage after hurricane

Rhys Asplundh

The predicted ‘End of the World’ prophecies have not actually happened on either Y2K or in the following years especially on the 21st of December 2012. What has happened along these years are series of natural disasters like floods, wind storms, earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, etc.

Natural disasters can happen anytime. Some of these disasters come with warnings like a storm preceding a flood.  But several, like earthquakes happen without due notice. And when a disaster strikes, the time to get prepared is gone and all that you are left to do is cope.

So, for these kinds of disasters, basic preparations should be always done beforehand, and all the members of the family should be made aware of it.

Some of the ways to stay safe during these disasters are:

  1. Make a basic supply kit of water and non-perishable food supplies (like protein/energy bars) for a minimum of 3 days, flash light with extra batteries, first aid kit, a battery powered or hand crank radio, towels and garbage bags, dust mask, whistle to signal for help, extra clothing and blankets, matches kept waterproof, money, medications, duct tapes, plastic sheeting materials, etc.
  2. Pack the items of the supply kit in a durable bag and keep it in a place from where everyone is aware and can be accessed easily.
  3. Keep a flashlight and a pair of shoes in every room in a plastic bag for easy access at all times especially during an earthquake at night.
  4. Incase of your home not being safe, plan a alternate meeting point outside the house premises, keep your vehicle at least half-filled with fuel at all times and plan your escape routes too.
  5. Always appoint an out-of-state contact to call on when there is an emergency and let all the members know about it.
  6. Watch the news for updates on the condition of the disaster.
  7. Wear layers of clothing so that add or remove later depending upon the situation at hand.
  8. Store away the important documents and papers in a water proof and fire proof lock box.
  9. Keep a list of things ready that you may want to take along in case of a y2k scenario evacuation like the important documents, jewelry, pictures, family heirlooms, etc.
  10. Consider including a firearm and ammunition as such situations do give a chance to the looters. At the very least, keep a set of knives handy.
  11. Though the chances of cell phones working during such calamities are remote, take them with their chargers.
  12. Keep a set of wrenches or pliers to turn off the utilities if required.
  13. Keep a local map and a gps handy so that you do not get lost at any point of time and know where you are and where you need to go.
  14. Lastly, keep making a mental note of the above steps frequently so that you know by heart what to do exactly and not waste time reading it during the time of y2k crisis.

You might be able to find a few more tips from this pdf file.