Remember The Good Times

Give Your Mother Something Special For The Holidays

uforce by nintendoI recall back when I was pretty young my, mom working every day in the produce section at a grocery store. Somehow my Mom, never let us kids go without what we wanted on Christmas. Even though it was way beyond budget, still.. inevitably that gift would be there under the tree. In particular I recall the Nintendo U force. This was a really stupid Idea and was marketed pretty well, and as a kid I needed it.

In reality, that thing didn’t work at all and made playing video games a lot harder. Since I was a little brat, I hope I didn’t tell my Mom how much that thing sucked.  My Mom had likely spent nearly a week paycheck to buy this thing for me, and I was over it within 10 minutes of using it. To think that my mother worked many, many hours to buy me this and it went almost unnoticed by me is,  well.. quite frankly gross.

Here I am many years later and now am aware how hard my mom worked to buy me this thing. So what will I do? Well I will do my greatest to ensure my Mom has the best Christmas present ever. I am not sure what that is at this point, but I hope I find out soon. If my Mom had to worry about paying bills because she bought this stupid uforce controller, then there really isn’t a present I can give that will make up for this. However I can try..